Virtual Performances from Flynn Spring Classes

Jul 22nd, 2020

The Flynn’s spring semester was just picking up steam when the pandemic hit. Fortunately, the Show Choir program and the Youth Jazz Combo were able to adapt, transition to distanced learning through virtual sessions, and produce performances for all to enjoy.

Show Choir

This video produced by the Show Choir team, titled The Greatest Show, features rehearsal footage alongside students’ performances during quarantine, giving a highlight reel of an unusual, but ultimately resilient and inspiring, semester for the program.

Flynntones Jazz Orchestra - Hot Fun In The Summertime

The Youth Jazz Combo (AKA the Flynntones Jazz Orchestra), directed by Tom Cleary, produced this take on Sly and The Family Stone’s sizzling classic, with all nine parts arranged and performed virtually.

Flynntones Jazz Orchestra - Low Tide

Here is the Flynntones’ remote collaboration on Low Tide by Elmo Hope, a friend and contemporary of Bud Powell and Thelonious Monk and a lesser-known giant of the bebop movement in jazz.

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