Become a Flynn Volunteer

we're looking for volunteers to be ushers for all our performances!

  • This is a fantastic, interactive, public-facing opportunity for anyone in our community. 
  • Get involved and participate in putting on a show at the Flynn. 
  • Work with Flynn staff and bring joy to audiences.
  • Fill out the application below to get started.

General information for volunteers


The second step to being a volunteer is an interview where we can ask each other questions and get to know each other. We’ll talk more about what a volunteer will do, such as standing, lifting, etc. This volunteer position is customer service and it is not for everyone.


As a volunteer at the Flynn, you will attend a few different trainings, so we ask that you commit to volunteering for the full performance season. Expect to volunteer at least once a month.  

Shift Scheduling & Communication

All scheduling and communication will be over email and the internet. We have a fantastic system which allows volunteers to sign up for shifts online. We will not be doing any scheduling over the phone.  

Vaccination Required

All volunteers, staff, and crew are required to be fully vaccinated. We will need to see proof of your vaccination. Masks may also be required while in the building.

Comfortable with Change

As we are still dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic, our processes, rules, positions, requirements, etc. are likely to be changing and probably often with short notice. As a volunteer, you will need to be ready to show up with one plan and then have the plan change when you arrive at the Flynn.  


Send any questions to

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility

The Flynn seeks to make the performing arts accessible to all through a commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion, accessibility, and anti-racism. We recognize that as an arts institution in a predominantly white state we have much work to do in becoming an anti-racist organization. We acknowledge the many systemic barriers in place, and commit to pursuing anti-racist and anti-oppressive policies and practices in our work to connect and unify communities, broaden and challenge beliefs, and influence future choices. 

The Flynn recognizes the rich indigenous culture and heritage that existed long before our arrival. We acknowledge this Abénaki land and commit to policies and practices of cultural equity for today and future generations.

Flynn volunteer usher application


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