Dancing to Sara’s Tune

Jun 15th, 2020

This poem was composed by Bonnie Dinsmore Kerrick, a student in the Flynn’s Movement for Parkinson’s and Wellness class. The class, taught by Sara McMahon, is specifically designed for people who wish to continue moving dynamically despite movement challenges, tapping into the body’s intelligence, creating new neural pathways, strengthening movement patterns, increasing range of motion, and stimulating social interaction.

At ten o’clock on Thursdays, give or take a week or two
We gather in the classroom, Sarah’s “Parkie” dancing crew
And when we are assembled, each on seated on a chair
Sara breezes in with so much energy to share
She begins our weekly workout with a ballet masters mission
Drilling us in dancing moves of infinite precision
She puts us through our paces, with little time to rest
But that’s what has to happen. When you’re working for the best
And when the sessions over, there’s a feeling, what is it?
It’s as if our cares and worries had all lifted, just a bit
You see, Sara brings a special kind of magic to the room
And we all feel so much better, when we dance to Sarah’s tune!!

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