2021 Burlington Discover Jazz Festival

Marcie Hernandez

Church Street in front of City Hall


The music of Marcie Hernandez lives in cultural dualities. Born to Puerto Rican parents and raised in Rochester, New York, she is a singer-songwriter with a sound that combines Latin rhythms and instrumentation with the feel and lyrical vulnerability of indie folk music. Each of her songs is a snapshot of her life, telling stories of love and loss, growth and transformation.

Supported by a full band, Marcie’s songs achieve a dynamic and full sound that carries listeners through a wide range of emotions, much like her debut album, Amanecer. Each band member adds their own personal flavor, creating a melting pot of musical influences. Songs explore the cultural dualities often present in this music, with some songs holding a heavy indie-rock feel, while others may sound more like a traditional salsa tune.

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