2022 Burlington Discover Jazz Festival


Contois Auditorium


Presented as part of Jazz Lab.

X-VOTIVE is an immersive music video experience spliced with a live set by Burlington neo-soul band Acqua Mossa. This cinematic quest follows a heroic time traveler through a dream-like world as she hunts for six sacred relics that will unlock a portal to new, possible futures. Arresting the audience by a surround of sound and light, rotating groups will STAND in the "time chamber" to experience the show. Due to its multi-directional storyline, this aural adventure can be viewed multiple times for a multitude of narrative experiences. Filmed on location in Burlington, Vermont, this powerful visual album joins a lineage of experimental films such as Maya Deren's Meshes of the Afternoon and Sun Ra's Space is the Place. A love-letter to our ancestors and the future of planet earth, X-VOTIVE is a work of new media that uses the power of music for transformative change.

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