2023 Burlington Discover Jazz Festival

Fattie B

presents GUMBO variety set

Waterfront Park


DJ and rapper Fattie B of Belizbeha (aka Kyle Thompson) recruited an array of fellow Vermont-based musicians to take part in a “variety show extravaganza” celebrating the recent release of his latest studio album, GUMBO. In the 1990s, he was the front man of the world-touring acid jazz and hip-hop act Belizbeha, one of the most successful Burlington bands of that era. Later, with fellow rapper Konflik and the late DJ A_Dog, he cofounded Eye Oh You, a local hip-hop trio that paved the way for a generation of local rappers and DJs. As an entrepreneur, he spent many years running the downtown hip-hop fashion boutique Steez. And, for more than two decades, Fattie B served as the grand master behind the decks at Retronome, the popular weekly throwback dance party at Club Metronome in Burlington. Fattie B serves up an eclectic stew for this GUMBO variety set, featuring Dwight & Nicole, Craig Mitchell, (members of) Belizbeha, Matt Hagen, Mister Burns, PRO (from The Aztext), DJ Kanga, and many more surprise guests!

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