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Playing Fields

featuring Compagnie Des Quidams


The Flynn is excited to announce the return of the community project called Playing Fields, a free multimedia event held on recreation fields at local schools. Playing Fields is a back to school party after the summer months that also celebrates schools as community centers. Everyone is welcome to attend these special community events. This project brings together music and public theater in an open field to create an exciting, communal atmosphere where students, teachers, staff, administrators, families, friends, neighbors, and anyone else in the community can join in the fun. This year, Compagnie Des Quidam's 12-foot tall, luminous horses light up your fields and joust, dance, and play with the audience.

Compagnie Des Quidams

Founded by artistic director Jean-Baptiste Duperray in 1994, the Compagnie des Quidams has created about fifteen shows. With between 150 and 200 performances per year, the artists of the Compagnie des Quidams have traveled to some fifty countries. The company introduces strangeness and poetry into everyday life, and with the help of giant costumes and metamorphoses, take over and transform public spaces with fantastic, dreamlike imagery. The company gathers about thirty artists and technicians coming from various disciplines (theater, dance, music, and circus), and is located in Bresse Vallons, a village in the north of the Ain, France. Proud Horses, first performed in 2013, features large-scale horse figures crafted from inflatable materials and set in motion by daring, costumed puppeteers.

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