Church Street Top of the Block /// FREE

The City of Burlington's Great Streets initiative is ongoing. Visit the city's website for information about Main Street construction and detours. Please allow extra time to get to the show.


Originally from Kenya, and now based in the Burlington area, KeruBo is a seasoned Afro-Jazz artist, vocalist, and songwriter, boasting over two decades of experience performing on stages worldwide at various music festivals. Her musical style is a captivating blend of African traditional music infused with elements of Brazilian samba/bossa nova, Jazz, and blues. KeruBo's vocal prowess spans the enchanting spectrum of African folk music and Afro-jazz, effortlessly transitioning between traditional African melodies and contemporary interpretations. Inspired by a lineage of music luminaries such as Miriam Makeba, Dorothy Masuka, and Nina Simone, KeruBo fearlessly champions causes and voices against social injustices through her music. KeruBo is also a captivating storyteller, deeply appreciating the transformative power of storytelling in preserving African heritage.


We're thrilled to offer free jazz programming for the entire festival, so that everyone has the opportunity to experience this music. Please support us if you can.

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