Student Matinee Series

Vermont Public Presents: But Why?

Grades pre-K-5

The City of Burlington's Great Streets initiative is ongoing. Visit the city's website for information about Main Street construction and detours. Please allow extra time to get to the theater.


How do owls see at night? And why do they spin their heads around? How do peregrine falcons fly? But Why, Vermont Public's podcast for curious kids, comes to the Flynn on March 18 for an interactive show all about owls and other birds. Bird Diva Bridget Butler and Michael Clough from the Southern Vermont Natural History Museum team up with host Jane Lindholm to answer questions submitted by kids from all around the world! We'll meet some live owls and birds and learn how to hoot and fly like our feathered friends. Join us on March 18 for But Why Live! Hoots And Whistles. Classes will be encouraged to submit questions for the program.


Student matinee performances illustrate the dynamic relationship between the performing arts and the subjects explored in the classroom. Tickets are available at a discounted rate of $10 for schools and homeschoolers.

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