November 23, 2019 - January 24, 2020 

The Howard Center Arts Collective is a community of artists who meet regularly to support and empower one another; and to create art together. We relate to one another as peers and as artists. We greatly appreciate this opportunity to share our artwork with the greater Burlington community.

The Howard Center Arts Collective is open to adult artists who have lived experience with mental health challenges or addiction, via their own personal lived experience, experience with family members or friends, or through their work. Artists of all levels are welcome.


Art is My Sanctuary.
It grounds me and gives my life meaning.
Art empowers and enriches me.
It opens me up to other worlds.
Art speaks my name.
It remedies my trauma.
It gives me purpose,
and allows me to express myself without judgement.
Art is my Prozac; it heals me; it is my medicine.
Art makes me vulnerable.
It is my happy place.
Art is a surprise!
It gets me high. It lets me play.
It’s how I express my voice.
Art is humanity. Art is the light in my day.
I am an artist.
Ask me about my art!

Figure Study #1 by CP Chadwick, acrylic on canvas

  • Exhibition sponsor Amy E. Tarrant

    This exhibition is funded in part through support from the Vermont Arts Council, Vermont Community Foundation
  • Special thanks to Dostie Bros. Frame Shop for their generous support. 

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