Reimagining the Flynn: A Charrette Presentation by Norwich University Students

Saturday, February 2, 2013 

"Charrette: the intense final effort made by architectural students to complete their solutions to a given architectural problem in an allotted time or the period in which such an effort is made."
—Merriam Webster Dictionary

  • Flynn Theater opens November 1930
  • Flynn Theatre for the Performing Arts dedicated September 1981
  • Flynn Center for the Performing Arts expands with FlynnSpace, two dance studios, and a larger concessions area, September 2000
  • Flynn Center Mainstage auditorium, lobby, and exterior renovated September 2012

Throughout our history, the Flynn has continually updated and adapted to meet its ever changing needs. Having just completed a massive renovation last summer, we turned to students from the School of Architecture + Art at Norwich University to reimagine specific areas for future redesign or adaptation. Teams comprising 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year students were created and assigned a project area to explore. The four projects are entitled:

  1. The Public Edge: First Impressions and the Magic Within
  2. The Gallery: Revealing the Art in the Art
  3. The Lower Lounge: Arrival, Departure, Passage, Pause
  4. The Dance Studio: Space and Motion

Norwich faculty members Eleanor DAponte and Bryan Burke visited our facilities, and then Flynn Executive Director John Killacky and Facility Director Jack Galt traveled to Norwich to ask the architecture students to visualize new ideas for the Flynn campus. This presentation is the result of charrettes (wild ideas) that the students had five days to work on. The resulting images will be available for public viewing on Saturday, February 2 from 11 am to 4 pm.

View a time lapse video of the charrette presentation at Norwich University.

Participating students:

Katie Anderson, Kaylan Aufdermaur, Timothy Bain, Cortney Bador, Jennifer Bauser, Anthony Bavaro, Sarah Bedard, Eric Berger, Chris Berkeley-Hitt, Todd Boucher, Karla Brent, Brenden Brogan, Karrina Brown, Jason Budde, Jade Burkart, David Burke, Caleb Burrington, Justin Campana, Loren Carrier, Mike Cavanaugh, Lealoni Coathup-Wilmott, Will Connolly, Jess Dahlin, Taylor Davidson, Erin Doody, Blake Drouillard, Andy Dubenetsky, Caitlyn Esche, Nu Ferguson, Justen Frechette, Ryan Gariboldi, Ben Gedney, Jesse Gillette, Cody Gladstone, Lauren Guba, Shannon Haggerty, Tom Hajosch, Chris Hevey, Steve Joslyn, Matt Jurgens, Colleen Killbreath, Jon King, Cody Knockblock, Josh Lawrence, Nevin Leary, Jason Leonard, Mike Lee, Jeramie Little, Kimberly Lynch, Joe Marceau, Ken Martin, Nicole Martin, Billy McCormick, Christina McMahon, Anthony Menard, Caleb Menard, Mitchell Milliren, Tim Morrison, Dave Mullany, Deandra Musial, Douglas Nelson, Kyle Niehaus, Kate O'Brien, John O'Conner, AJ Oleson, Rachel Opare-Sem, Miranda Otto, Shaili Patel, Sarah Patrie, Dominic Patton, Brandon Place, Adam Ploof, Ben Polizotti, Kristina Pomeroy, Mike Pritchard, Mario Quagliani, Katie Quebec, Jon Queen, Eleazar Rausseo, Pedro Rodriguez, Wyatt Rysewyk, Victoria Sabel, Alyssa Shramek, Shannon Sickler, Molly Smith, Tyler Smith, Sheridan Steiner, Jayson Sterba, Keith Stipe, Rachel Sweeney, William Thaxter, Caitlyn Trepess, Stephanie Ulrich, Katarina Wabrek, Sean Wagoner, Samuel Waite, Jessica Welsh, Dan Wheeler, Kevin White, Adam Wiles-Rosell, Nate Williams, Alexis Yasu

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