The Waskowmium: Where the Art Stops

March 6 - May 30, 2015 

Nancy Abbott-Hourigan, curator:

Mark Waskow's world-class art collection, The Waskowmium, is elusive, privy only to those invited to step into any of his sanctums. With over 15,000 art objects collected since 1998, it's also considered to be the largest private collection of its kind in northern New England, and his reference library of art publications numbers over 35,000. Waskow's total collection is so vast that it is housed in nine undisclosed locations in two states.

I've been an admirer and a friend of Mark's for over 15 years. About a year ago, I approached him about the possibility of bringing some of the work out of storage and into the Amy E. Tarrant Gallery. Mark agreed, and I've had an amazing time over the past months selecting work for this exhibition. It wasn't easy to choose only 45 pieces from the thousands contained in The Waskowmium. Vermont artists are featured, and the selections, I hope, exemplify Mark's varied and eclectic interests.

Photo credit: Nancy Abbott-Hourigan 

Exhibition sponsor Amy E. Tarrant

This exhibition is funded in part through support from the
Vermont Arts Council and Vermont Community Foundation.

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