Beware of Ticket Resellers

Avoid ticket resellers and scammers. Purchase tickets only at

Unauthorized third-party ticket resellers, ticket scammers, and ticket fraudsters are a pervasive threat to the performing arts industry. Third-party resellers often charge two to three times the original ticket price. Some resellers sell the same ticket to more than one customer. The Flynn takes these issues very seriously. We have seen many of our patrons taken advantage of and we are doing everything we can to combat this issue in our area. The Flynn does not work with any third-party resellers. The only legitimate place to purchase tickets to Flynn events online is through

Some resellers sell the same ticket to more than one customer.

Third party re-sellers often charge two to three times the original ticket price.

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What is the Flynn doing to address the problem of ticket resellers?

▌ Consumer awareness is very important. We are making it as clears as possible to our patrons that is the only legitimate site to purchase Flynn tickets online. We include this information in all of our email communications, posters, ads, social media posts, etc.

▌ We are monitoring reseller sites and contacting them to remove illegitimate listings.

▌ We are monitoring activity on our social profiles and removing suspicious posts and blocking scammers.

▌ We are working with contractors to improve our SEO performance so that is more prominent in search results.

▌ We are training box office staff as well as improving our ticketing systems and processes so that we are less susceptible to resellers and scammers.

▌We are working with state and federal government representatives to support legislation that strengthens consumer protections around ticket resellers, scammers, and fraud.

Have you been taken advantage of by an unauthorized third-party reseller?


  1. 1. Contact the Flynn Box Office

Unauthorized third-party re-sellers do not notify us of their bookings. While this practice is currently legal, it creates a great inconvenience for patrons, theaters, and legitimate box office retailersCall the Flynn Box Office for assistance at 802-863-5966. Box office representatives are able to confirm if your tickets are valid. Please have your ticket PDF and your order confirmation ready when you call. 

    • 2. Reach out to your bank

Contact your bank or financial institution to contest the charges. If you are having difficulty contesting a charge with your financial institution, email with your order confirmation and ticket PDF for further assistance.

  1. 3. Contact Vermont Consumer Protection

We recommend calling the Vermont Consumer Protection hotline at 802-649-2424 to report your experience with third-party reselling to help raise awareness of this issue.

Support Fix the Tix.

Both The Fans First Act and The TICKET Act are making their way through congress right now. Both of these bills mandate ticket pricing transparency, ban deceptive advertising and websites, and ban fake tickets.

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