Membership Frequently Asked Questions

General Membership Benefits

What impact does my membership have on the Flynn, and what benefits do I receive?

As a member, you are supporting Vermont’s largest performing arts center, arts education, local artists, and new Flynn-produced events. The impact of your membership goes far beyond what you see on the stage. Did you know that 82% of Vermont schools have been to a Student Matinee at the Flynn in the last 10 years? Not only does membership help make programs like this possible, it also affords you exciting new benefits. For a full list of benefits per membership level, please see our Membership page.

How do members receive information about events?

All members will be signed up to receive emails about upcoming events, performances, and activities. You can update your email preferences in your online account.

Do I get any discounts for shows with my membership?

No, membership does not include ticket discounts. Members at the Donor level ($250-499) and above receive complimentary tickets as one of their benefits.

When will my name appear on the membership recognition page?

We update the Meet Our Members page weekly with new member names. Your name will be added within 10 days of your membership gift.

How can I change how my name appears in member acknowledgements?

Your name will appear as shown in your account. If you prefer to be recognized differently, or anonymously, please contact our membership department.

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Redeeming your Complimentary Benefits and Discounts

How do I receive my complimentary tickets and can I use them toward any show?

Members at the Donor level ($250-499) and above receive complimentary tickets as a benefit. Please note that not all shows are eligible for complimentary tickets. 

We will send quarterly emails with links to shows that are eligible for complimentary tickets. Make sure to follow the link in the email to redeem your complimentary tickets; this will ensure that your free transaction is processed correctly. 

How do I use my complimentary drink tickets?

Before the season begins in the fall, our membership team will mail out physical drink tickets that can be redeemed at our concessions and bar area. Drink tickets can be used for both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. If you purchase a membership after the season has begun, your drink tickets will be sent to you within the week of your membership start date.

How do I get discounted concessions or merchandise during a show?

Simply present your member number at the concessions stand or Flynn merchandise table. If you don’t know your number, no problem! It's printed on the top of your ticket.

Where can I find Flynn merchandise and how can I get my complimentary apparel?

Our membership team will send out the merchandise offer before the season begins (or within a week of you becoming a member) so you can see the designs and choose your size. The offer will be open for a limited amount of time. Once the order is processed you can pick up your merch at the theater during business hours or on the evening of shows.

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General Membership Questions

Is membership taxable?

Members will receive a tax letter from the Flynn within 5 business days of becoming a member. We are advised that you must subtract the value of your benefits from your membership gift when filing. That amount will be stated on your tax letter.

Can I join anonymously?

Absolutely! Please contact our membership department to let us know that you would like your membership gift to be anonymous. This means your name will not appear on our website or in any publications.

Can I get a refund on my membership?

If you need to cancel your membership for any reason, please contact our membership department to discuss next steps.

What is the difference between a Burlington Discover Jazz Festival membership and a Flynn membership?

The Burlington Discover Jazz Festival is produced by the Flynn. We have moved to one membership under the Flynn name, so everyone who was previously a Jazz Festival member is now a Flynn member. This means that you now receive the great benefits associated with the annual Jazz Festival as well as all the year-round perks that come with a Flynn membership. 

Whom should I contact with further questions?

For questions regarding your membership or benefits, you can reach out to our membership department. We are always happy to help!

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Member Expiration and Renewals

What is the Flynn’s membership cycle?

You can join at any time, there is no specific membership cycle. Flynn memberships are active for one year, from the day you make your gift to the last day of the same month next year. In other words, if you joined on May 15, your membership will expire May 31 the following year.

How will I know exactly when my membership expires?

Visit your account online to see when your membership expires and be on the lookout for renewal notices from the Flynn membership department. 

As a reminder, memberships are active for one year. Your first renewal notice will be sent out one month before your membership is due to expire, followed by periodic emails and mailings. 

How do I become a sustaining member? When and how will I be charged?

Sustaining members are members who spread out their annual contribution throughout the year. Sustaining memberships do not have an expiration date as the payments continue until you tell us to stop or change your contributions.

As a sustaining member choose the amount you would like to be charged and how frequently, as well as your preferred payment method (credit card or EFT payments).

You can become a sustaining member by emailing our membership department, calling us at 802-652-4505, or on your membership renewal form. 

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